International Trade Fair for Powder & Bulk Solids Technologies – SYMAS


International Trade Fair for Powder & Bulk Solids Technologies - SYMAS® provides a great opportunity to see what's new in the processing, transport and storage of bulk goods, powders and granules. SYMAS® is co-located with MAINTENANCE - Trade Fair for Suppliers of Maintenance Products and Service.

The exhibition spectrum covers the entire value chain of the process technology of granulates, powder and bulk solids technologies

  • Processing of bulk solids materials

  • Material handling
  • Bulk solids transportation / multimodal system
  • Storage of bulk solids
  • Safety & environment
  • Agencies & Services

7 thematic zones



The generation of dust explosive atmospheres is directly related to the nature of the technological operations performed during the processing of bulk materials. In the ATEX Zone, specialists of explosive and process safety will be able to get knowledge about technical solutions who limit the formation of explosive atmospheres, explosion protection devices and equipment intended for work in potentially explosive areas. The exhibitors will also present an offer in the scope of ATEX audit services, explosion risk assessment or preparation of explosion protection documentation.

  • explosion safety (pressure and dust sensors, safety valves, venting devices, decoupling devices, gate valves, static grounding)
  • process safety (bursting discs, breathing valves; flame, detonation and deflagration breakers)
  • dedusting and air-extraction systems
  • other devices intended for use in potentially explosive atmosphereswith gases, vapours, mists or dusts
  • services for industry (training, documentation, auditing and certification for ATEX).




    We have created on SYMAS trade fairs a special zone of technology for the cement and lime industry, addressed to customers in the cement, concrete plants, mines, quarries and building materials manufacturers.

    Exhibitors of Cement and Lime Industry Zone will be manufacturers and providers of machines and devices used to:

    • extraction, transport and handling of rock materials
    • crumbling and homogenisation
    • grinding and burning of raw material
    • storage (silos)
    • reduction of energy consumption and CO2 emission
    • design and realization of investments for the cement and lime industry
    • safety and environmental protection
    • transport and forwarding of aggregates, cement and building materials


    INDUSTRY 4.0

    Industry 4.0 is the trend-setting event in Poland for the latest technologies of the Industrial Internet of Things, Big Data, network security and industrial cloud based computing. It is also a platform for acknowledged experts in the fields of research and development as well as for experienced engineers. These experts will present their latest academic insight, results of research and provide crucial impetus for real world users and executives who are deciding on how and how to much to invest in this revolutionary technology.


    Main topics in these area are: modern manufacturing systems, advanced IT software for processing and analysis data from production department, maintenance management systems (CMMS, EAM), smart Sensors, mechatronic & IT systems equipped with global connectivity, mobile interfaces, autonomous vehicles, robots and machines with expanded intelligence, automation systems integrated with IT, RFID systems, 3D printing technologies and rapid prototyping.







    In the processing or production of bulk materials, there is often a phenomenon of a large variety of particle sizes. Therefore specialists are increasingly looking for the most effective method of separating big and small fractions of bulk material. The answer to their problems is a new thematic zone addressed to all professionals interested in the design, development, purchase and sale of equipment and services related to filtering and separation.

    In the FILTERS Zone, the following offer will be presented:

    • particle analysis systems (eg dust particles)
    • porous ceramics
    • filter elements
    • filters (various types)
    • filtration materials
    • dust collectors
    • dedusters
    • separators of solids from liquids



    Enterprises more and more often entrust external companies with supervision over the maintenance of the production plant, striving to optimize costs and improve the efficiency of operations. Such services - whether in the specific area (f.e. in the field of industrial media management, diagnostics, industrial cleaning) or all-encompassing maintenance will be presented in the Outsourcing Zone.



    Companies with production plants have more attention to the safety of their employees. One of the elements that provide them is a well-lit production hall.

    Exhibitors of Lighting Zone are producers and distributors of solutions in the field of lighting used in industry (including enabling greater energy efficiency, humidity and safety). The companies that have in their offer to present products and services:

    - lighting for hazardous areas with ATEX certificate,

    - hermetic LED luminaires,

    - floodlights with a motion sensor,

    - intelligent industrial lighting,

    - industrial bulbs,

    - lighting modernization services at the production plant.



    In the mining sector, the equipment must function properly in difficult conditions, and its work must be reliable. The Mining zone has been created for producers, distributors and service providers for the mining industry. It is a place for companies that provide components used, among others in bucket excavators, wagon tippers, conveyor belts, silos, funnels and lifts. Exhibitors of the Mining zone are companies that have equipment for the extraction, storage and transport of raw materials such as coal, ores, salt and food loose materials.