12. International Trade Fair for Powder & Bulk Solids Technologies – SYMAS

Thematic scope

International Trade Fair for Powder & Bulk Solids Technologies - SYMAS® provides a great opportunity to see what's new in the processing, transport and storage of bulk goods, powders and granules. SYMAS® is co-located with Maintenance - Trade Fair for Suppliers of Maintenance Products and Service.

On the fair you will get contact with manufacturers and providers of such solutions as:

  • sorting, drying, mixing, separating, cutting and dividing machines: breakers, grinding and crumbling machines, crushers, rotating mills, cutting machines (cutting coal into pieces), cryogenics, ball mills.

  • measuring and control appliances: weighing, feeding, mixing, level measurement systems, humidity, temperature, grain size sensors, dustiness measuring facilities, sampling equipment, analytical equipment (analysing).

  • separating, filtering: filters, fine filters, filtering machines, magnetic separators (separators), cyclones, centrifuge separators, filters and blowers, dust extraction filters.

  • mixing and feeding: feeding based on weight or size, dispersion machines (dispersion into drops), mixers, agglomerators, flow counters.

  • storing and packing (warehousing): filling machines, bag fillers, bag unloaders, silos, funnels, containers, lifting and tipper facilities (deflecting), containers, flexible containers (Big Bag), manufacturers of silos, loose material terminals.

  • conveyor belt transport: conveyor belts and their parts, facilities monitoring the work of belt conveyor flights, scrapers, vibrators, pneumatic and vacuum transport, chain conveyors, lifts, vibrating machines.

  • weighing: weighing systems, batching and feeding scale sets, continuous work scales, scale feeders, belt scales, computer weighing and loose material feeding systems, control scales, scale trucks.

  • safety and environment: breakage of safety discs, metal detectors, dust absorbers (filters), gas analyzers, safety sensors, early detection systems: fire gases detectors, smoke suction signalling facilities, infrared cameras, temperature measurement points, facilities to combat fire in silos.

Usług transportu i spedycji materiałów sypkichMaszyny napełniające, silosy, lejkiAparatura pomiarowa i kontrolna