10. International Trade Fair for Powder & Bulk Solids Technologies – SYMAS

Thematic scope

International Trade Fair for Powder & Bulk Solids Technologies - SyMas provides a great opportunity to see what's new in the processing, transport and storage of bulk goods, powders and granules.

SyMas is co-located with Maintenance - Trade Fair for Suppliers of Maintenance Products and Service.

On the fair you will get contact with manufacturers and providers of such solutions as:

  • sorting, drying, mixing, separating, cutting and dividing machines: breakers, grinding and crumbling machines, crushers, rotating mills, cutting machines (cutting coal into pieces), cryogenics, ball mills.

  • measuring and control appliances: weighing, feeding, mixing, level measurement systems, humidity, temperature, grain size sensors, dustiness measuring facilities, sampling equipment, analytical equipment (analysing).

  • separating, filtering: filters, fine filters, filtering machines, magnetic separators (separators), cyclones, centrifuge separators, filters and blowers, dust extraction filters.
  • mixing and feeding: feeding based on weight or size, dispersion machines (dispersion into drops), mixers, agglomerators, flow counters.

  • storing and packing (warehousing): filling machines, bag fillers, bag unloaders, silos, funnels, containers, lifting and tipper facilities (deflecting), containers, flexible containers (Big Bag), manufacturers of silos, loose material terminals.

  • conveyor belt transport: conveyor belts and their parts, facilities monitoring the work of belt conveyor flights, scrapers, vibrators, pneumatic and vacuum transport, chain conveyors, lifts, vibrating machines.

  • weighing: weighing systems, batching and feeding scale sets, continuous work scales, scale feeders, belt scales, computer weighing and loose material feeding systems, control scales, scale trucks.
  • safety and environment: breakage of safety discs, metal detectors, dust absorbers (filters), gas analyzers, safety sensors, early detection systems: fire gases detectors, smoke suction signalling facilities, infrared cameras, temperature measurement points, facilities to combat fire in silos.

Usług transportu i spedycji materiałów sypkichMaszyny napełniające, silosy, lejkiAparatura pomiarowa i kontrolna






Explosion safety, process safety, dedusting and air-extraction systems, other devices intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres with gases, vapours, mists or dusts; services for industry.



We have created on SyMas trade fairs a special zone of technology for the cement and lime industry, addressed to customers in the cement, concrete plants, mines, quarries and building materials manufacturers.

Exhibitors of Cement and Lime Industry Zone will be manufacturers and providers of machines and devices used to:

  • Extraction, transport and handling of rock materials
  • Crumbling and homogenisation
  • Grinding and burning of raw material
  • Storage (silos)
  • Reduction of energy consumption and CO2 emissions

We also invite to participate companies providing services in the following areas:

  • Design and realization of investments for the cement and lime industry
  • Safety and environmental protection
  • Transport and forwarding of aggregates, cement and building materials